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You’re probably on this page

because you feel confused

and depleted

every time you TRY

to heal your Relationships.


You’ve been trying for years

to love enough, be enough,

serve enough and now

it’s also probably impacting

your Physical Health

leaving you searching for

how to heal that too.


It can feel so overwhelming!


If you’re ready to

end the cycle of pouring yourself out,

wasting time and money

just to feel like

you’re right back where you were

but with less time and less money,..


Then it’s time to take control of your energy now!

Introducing Community Membership and the I Am Valuable Course by Dr. Jennifer Van Allen

An online interactive course, weekly LIVE training, Guidance, Brain Hacks Tools and Techniques that are proven to help you Achieve and Experience:


Pleasurable Relationships

Radiant Health

Balanced Hormones

A Regulated Nervous System

Masterful Money Mindset

and more...

Limited Time Offer Only

What you get:

  • Full Access to This Program: 
    Instant access to this transformational program and all of it’s bonuses. Understanding your patterns, deeply loving yourself, using your flaws as fuels to create the life that you desire - no more pouring on an empty cup, deeply understand your relationship with yourself and those around you, create lifelong friendships during our weekly LIVE Q&A sessions with women on a similar journey all over the world.

  • Unlimited Access to the I Am Valuable: Masterminding Your Energy Course

  • Live Q and A Session twice a week with Jennifer, see below for weekly LIVE content schedule

  • PLUS a recording of the LIVE Q&A accessible for 24Hours for you to review

  • Private Social Network: Connect, grow, and share wisdom with likeminded women and practitioners in your city and around the world within our private social network.

  • PLUS: a special $100 discount when you choose to start your membership now!

i am valuable (41).png
i am valuable (43).png
This course is the most cutting edge research taking you on a deep dive, going inward to change your neural pathways and brain patterns, so you can succeed in all you do.

You will learn throughout this course that it doesn't matter what people around you or your job, or life is throwing at you, because you will understand how to mastermind your money, energy, prosperity, and how to come at it on top, no matter what is happening.

What makes you and your family tick?
What makes you each individually feel supported?
That varies from person to person, and in this course you will learn how to identify each other's brain patterns and energy types to support each other and spend more time playing together!

Step 1

  • Learn Your Energy Patterns:
    "Why we feel ↑↓ like we are losing our minds"

  • Define Victimhood:
    "How flight mode impacts our physical health and relationships"

  • Define Narcissism: 
    "How fight mode impacts our physical health and relationships"

  • Define Value:
    "Your unique energy and using your flaws as fuel for your dreams"

  • Three Brains & The Nervous System

Step 2
  • Relationships – Arguing Well
    Learn to grow together and use arguments to challenge & connect. 

  • Relationships: Chaotic Energy, Tantrums
    Learn what our bodies are trying to achieve when we are flipping out and go from chaos to creating new solutions faster.

  • Relationships – Parenting Teens 
    Cutting edge approaches for deeper parenting with connection not punishment.

  • Relationship - Sleep Apnea, Kids Sleep
    Get restorative sleep NOW.

  • Define I AM, Programs we inherited …
    Understand the unique programs and those of your loved ones to experience grace and growth.

  • Using Your Gene Keys & Human Design
    Let’s deeper into our energy, how we relate to one another to experience greater delight in our relationships.

  • Human Design Lines 1-6
    Laugh and experience HUGE AHA moments as you see you and your family’s energy types. 

Step 3
  • Intro to Step 3

  • Intention – Observation - Reality
    Experience miracles with mind over matter training.

  • Learn your Energy Patterns
    Dig deeper into using your energy to prosper in all you do.

  • Implementing I AM Valuable Book Tools, Training, Tracking
    Track your progress and ground in using these tools in day-to-day life.

  • Balancing Techniques & Why We Store Trauma
    These are crucial for regulating your Nervous System and releasing stress and trauma.

  • Manifesting and Attracting
    Learn the science of manifesting and attracting.

TUESDAYS: Comfy clothes and hot tea…

These are examples of the HEALTH topics that we discuss on Tuesday evenings.

  • What you Need to Know about Detoxification and Drainage Pathways

  • Proven Ways to Open Drainage Pathways and Detox

  • Cortisol, Weight, and Estrogen Connection

  • Proven Ways to Lower Cortisol 

  • Proven ways to increase Testosterone and Progesterone

  • Have you ever been on Birth Control and WHY that could be Impacting Your Health

  • Proven ways to prevent pregnancy 

  • Sexual Health

  • What is actually going on when the body rejects foods 

  • How to test for Food Intolerances 

  • Ways to Reset the body to accept and digest Foods

  • Gratitude vs Thankfulness

  • Boundaries so You can Gather without being depleted

  • Mental Health

  • Seasonal Depression

  • Tips & Tricks to Improve Happy Hormones Fast

  • Bach Flower Remedies

  • Indigenous Medicines Pros/Cons such as Marijuana, Psilocybin, CBD Tinctures

WEDNESDAY: Bring a Notebook and Big Dreams

Every Wednesday we discuss how we can implement the tools and training to enjoy better Money, Relationships with Self, and relationships with Others.


  • 1st: Money Mindset

  • 2nd: Romantic Relationships

  • 3rd: Self-Image and Beauty

  • 4th: Parenting and Friendship Relationships


Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few things people often ask me. If this relates to your concern, great! If not, feel free to contact us for support.


How can it be so simple, Jennifer?

Have you ever tried pulling a door that says PUSH, or push as door that says PULL? It is exhausting and it gets you nowhere! Yet, once you know which way to apply that energy, everything opens with ease. You walk through that door playing with ease, laughing through life's ups and downs. I connect you with YOUR story so you can clearly see when to push, or pull, or for that matter, where and how to approach life with the beautiful energy that is YOU ✨

The Community is the place
where you cannot fail.

Whatever your goals are, and whatever you're facing, this is where you belong. This is where you succeed.

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