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Holistic Intuitive Practitioner Journey

You know your body better than anyone else, yet you are missing the tools, training, and support to:

Connect the mind, body, spirit connection with your emotional

and physical health

Make sense of the lab results lingo

Understand the WHAT, WHEN, WHY, and HOW of choosing from foods, supplements, trauma release techniques, exercises, and more to truly transform and support your journey

Make life long friendships in a supportive community of women


I created the

Holistic Intuitive Practitioner Course

for EVERY woman to do

these holistic approaches

and practice

these tools with other women

so they ALL can go out

into the world with

a career that creates

future generations of freedom!

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The current health industries are burning down...

The modern medical and naturopathic approaches of test, prescribe, protocol, then test again are burning down and rightly so. 

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Top 3 Reasons


The Holistic Intuitive Practitioner Journey

  1. HIP are the future of healthcare. 
    The Holistic Intuitive Practitioner Training makes
    YOU an asset. 

    What if you had the chance to go back in time and get in on the stock market or Crypto early?

    That would have changed everything about your family's money and life. 
    Unlike stocks and Crypto which is volatile, you become the asset that is becoming the most in demand career.

  2. Earn money on your health journey not just spend money.
    The current health care systems are burning down.

    During your 5 Month HIP Journey, you'll be part of the residency of women practicing together to help each other in their skills and deepening their personal healing.

    Upon graduation, you'll be earning money on your health journey instead of just spending it chasing the next fad diet, fad cleanse, new supplement, etc.


  3. HIP are multi-stream income brands.
    MLM and Affiliate Marketing is a 60 Billion Dollar Industry. Why? 
    Because people want to enjoy a better quality of life, yet
     every time you recommend a product, company, or product line and it goes down like all FDA and FTC, MLM, Affiliate and Pharma products do, your name and integrity goes down with it.

    I've seen thousands of women hustling for an MLM, or Affiliate product they love and believe in, only to have it go down and their name and income go down with it. 

    These are women who spend years researching health - investing their time and money into helping people.

    As an HIP, you are the brand and you are the asset. The products you share may come and go but you are the brand people really rely on and trust.

    HIP training transforms you into an asset as the most effective in demand healthcare opportunity for others to choose as their trusted transformational brand.

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During the 5 Month Holistic Intuitive Practitioner Journey

Comparison Chart (5).png
Comparison Chart (5).png

Accepting early enrollees for this September 2024 Batch.

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  • Course Curriculum
    20-Week Course Curriculum Weeks 1 to 4: I Am Valuable Course: Masterminding Your Energy ​ Everything is your Nervous System... Everything! The reason some people thrive no matter what they do “wrong”, and others are still stuck and sick in spite of doing everything “right” is always the Nervous System. Your Nervous System is your Mind-Body- Spirit SUPERCOMPUTER filled with all the coding and keys to achieving your goals. You can not “fix” your Nervous System, and you can not heal it by meditating all day. In the I Am Valuable Course you will discover how to Mastermind YOUR unique patterns of your unique supercomputer to embody your purpose and value. You’ve probably spent your entire life feeling like you were pushing a door that needed to be pulled, and not sure why it felt so stinkin’ hard! You will clearly identify your patterns to quickly transform into a life where you no longer chew through unlimited minerals, feeling constantly depleted even though you have been trying so hard. You’ll also learn your unique Human Design and Gene Key Charts, how and why your story has played out in your life, relationships, finances, and health the way it has and more than anything HOW to easily shift into energy prosperity! This information is so cutting edge putting you on the forefront of the future of healthcare! Leading world renowned doctors are just now realizing the information I teach in this course, and that most chronic conditions like Mold, Lyme, Autoimmune, Infertility, etc. all are rooted in the Nervous System. It’s the reason WHY: Some people struggle with mold while living in the same environment and home as those who are fine Some people struggle with Lyme even after many rounds of various synthetic and natural treatments, while other people’s immune systems immediately tag, bag, and remove the Lyme Some people have ever increasing Autoimmune diagnosis’s over the years in spite of trying every diet, protocol, and synthetic and natural treatments, while others heal quickly by simply changing their diet You are the future of people connecting with their unique story Mind, Body, and Spirit ​ Weeks 5 to 8: I Am Content Emporium ​ The next step in your HIP Journey is expanding from looking inward at our Nervous System and internal processes, to looking outward at how we relate and interact with the world around us. The current medical and naturopathic health fields try to improve physical health by looking at labs and genetics, and yet those are simply results of what the Nervous System is coding the body and gene expressions to do. After we have addressed the Nervous System with ourselves and others, then the next step is looking deeper into how we interact with the world around us. What is going on with the person in their interaction with personal relationships, food, metabolism, biohacking, feminine energy cycle. Weeks 9 to 20: Holistic Intuitive Practitioner Course The final step in your Holistic Intuitive Practitioner Journey is the actual Practitioner level of information. We have journeyed through Internal Processes and Coding of the Nervous System External Relationships with People, Food, our Environment, etc. Now we expand into the Practitioner level of information of bringing in Support to achieve our goals using tried and true methods, modalities, and approaches that have been used throughout human history. You will see this is ton of content and may be asking yourself... How am I going to be able to understand and use all of this? You learn to ride a bike by getting on the bike, falling off, and getting up again. You do not learn to ride a bike by studying the anatomy of a bike and the history of a bike. In our 5 Month Journey you will be PLAYING in the tools, techniques, and training so you can quickly FEEL this work and use it. You will learn the FLOW Method that I created to quickly prioritize identifying the stresses, how to remove them, and which ways to best support achieving the goals with all the information you've learned You will learn and be encouraged in the truth that you are the guide of your client’s journey, and they are responsible for their own healing. As a Holistic Intuitive Practitioner do not treat, prescribe, diagnose, or heal. Every single one of my HIP Graduates are at the forefront of healthcare able to identify stresses in the body be it physical, emotional, generational trauma, and more quickly with the techniques I have created so they can help guide their client’s in ways NO OTHER MODALITIES can! This is what we do in this journey and if you show up and participate, you will succeed.
  • What's the Holistic Intuitive Practitioner Journey Schedule?
    Schedule is subject to change with notice during the course of the program.
  • How much time will this take everyday?
  • Will I be required to purchase materials and books?
    Everything you need to graduate successfully from the Holistic Intuitive Practitioner Course is available via the videos and book that I've written included in your course except for a few reference manuals. These vary in cost with a total cost of approximately. 100 to $150.
  • Is this accredited?
    No. This is a career in which you are facilitating a conversation to educate your client and or patient for them to create the best approach to heal himself. ​ This is a return to what Hippocrates originally taught and what healers and practitioners originally were. Hippocrates stated before you help someone heal, ask if they are willing to heal themselves. You are coming alongside as a Well-trained Valuable Asset to help them on their healing journey.
  • Is this the future of medicine?
    Yes. The current medical Naturopathic and Modern Allopathic Systems are burning down. The systems of testing, diagnosing, prescribing, and treating are all burning away. ​ You are part of a return to true health and healing.
  • Do I need insurance to practice as a Holistic Intuitive Practitioner?
    We have HIP graduates who have chosen to obtain insurance (approximately $150 per year for up to 3 million dollars of insurance) and those who have not chosen to pursue that route. This is a personal decision based on what other modality, this is a personal decision for you and your business.
  • What is the average rate nationwide for a Holistic Intuitive Practitioner per appointment?
    Nationwide, the average rate a Holistic Intuitive Practitioner earns is $150 to $250 for a 55 minute appointment.
  • How will I market my services?
    Most of the Holistic Intuitive Practitioners' services are marketed first and foremost by word of mouth because this training and skill set is life-changing to everyone they work with. ​ Marketing is a very unique individual approach and something that we can discuss upon to find what works best for you, be it social media, in-person, word of mouth, etc.

Testimony of Transformation

Begin your HIP Journey with us!

Enrollment for the Next Batch is Now Open

Class starts this Sptember 2024

5-Month Holistic Intuitive Practitioner Journey Package$5997

Payment Plan Options are available.

Contact for inquiries.

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