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Hi Lovely!

Thank you for reaching out.

If you have a general question or would like to work with me, I have created all the beautiful and supportive spaces below for you.


The Wholeness Doctor FREE Facebook Group

I offer LIVE Q&A once a month answering your health questions.



Money Made Easy FREE Facebook Group

I offer LIVE Q&A on Zoom and Jennifer Conley and I provide videos and content for you to master your money

Join the VIP Community

If you find you are struggling with what-when-how to implement the resources, it is almost always your stored brain patterns keeping you in feedback loops of failure.

I offer support and deep delve into mentorship in my VIP Community.

  • The 28-Day Fast Start Plan

  • Full Access to the I AM Valuable - Masterminding Your Energy Course

  • Daily LIVE 15 min Exercise, Dance, and Play together via Facebook Chat

  • Weekly Metabolic Nourishing Recipes to Fuel your Metabolism

  • Weekly Live Teaching and Trainings via Zoom

$97/ month
Cancel Anytime

Less than a cup of coffee a day to have your personal questions answered every week.

I also created a FAQ List for you below.

Do you offer 1:1 Appointments

Yes, I currently offer Appointment Packages and have placed them in the link below with all the information for you

What do you think of this? Supplements -Diet -Exercise -Health Issue -Speaker

I have 20 years of Allopathic Medical, Naturopathic, and Indigenous Medicine Research and Training plus qEEG, Kinesiology, Trauma Work, Nervous System and Brain Patterns, Relationships, and more as background to How and WHY I answer with the wisdom I offer.

I offer this wisdom in the beautiful supportive spaces linked above for you and look forward to joining you on your health and money journey in the spaces above. 

If you need immediate support, please email for Billing and Enrollment questions.

Grace and Love,


Jennifer , The Wholeness Doctor 

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