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Ways I Support You

I get asked a lot, How can I work with you?

How can I learn from you?

I offer many different products at different price points so everyone can access Health. If you’re looking to go slow, and learn more about health in general, then Options 1-3 are a good fit.

If YOU are ready to enjoy better health ASAP, want to understand the deepest root of what’s keeping you stuck, and connect with the keys to your personal success immediately, then Option 4 is a must for you.


  1. Free Private Facebook Group

  2. The 28 Day Fast Start Book and Workbook 

  3. VIP Community + Full Access to the I Am Valuable Course

  4. Life Changing Appointments 

  5. I Am Valuable Course (lifetime access)

  6. I Am Content Emporium (lifetime access)

  7. Holistic Intuitive Practitioner Journey a 5 month career level course for you to learn a career earning $150-$250 per appointment earning money getting healthy instead of spending money getting healthy

Meet Jen

The Wholeness Doctor

"My mission is to return women to ENJOYING and PLAYING in life NOW, as they are NOW...

I connect you with YOU, your unique story, blueprint, purpose, and help you reclaim joy in the journey- not just focus on chasing end results."

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